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Coffee sessions for branding

The phone rang. I could hardly recognize the voice, someone said ¨Hey mijo, when do you come back from England?” -  I replied, "but I'm already in Madrid!!!" … - ¨so when do you come to my office and I´ll invite you to a good cup of Colombian coffee?". It was Carlos Sánchez, talented publicist and designer, current director of the agency Mi Amigo Kruger.

There I showed up some days later. I tasted that amazing coffee inside his office close to ¨Parque el Retiro¨.  I realized how that first cup turned our minds into inspiring sessions, we discussed graphic concepts about music, education and technology.... The first week I saw myself coming with hard drives, wav songs, movie files and pics. The second or third week I left the office late at night but with a Jack Daniels (one of those nights we came across with a cocktail invention) on my head. And so little by little Carlos gave life to Wondrew Music´s new branding.

And I must say that it is from those coffee sessions that came great ideas and interesting concepts. I learned a lot about design through the process and it is now that I also love sharing the branding that Carlos developed for Wondrew Music, an organization that offers not only music and creativity but education and technology.

Thanks Mi Amigo Kruger for the ¨cafesitos¨ that inspired this design! A new challenge is ahead! 

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