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Flow Resonante Podcast

Conectando historias que generan impacto positivo en Colombia! Enfoque de creatividad y tecnología para la transformación social. #MusicThinking. #ArtThinking #VisualThinking

31 mayo, 2017 - Comentarios desactivados en Introducing Music & VR for values

Introducing Music & VR for values

Music & VR Workshop

After all our workshops, this has been one of the most exciting ones!

Music and VR! It has aroused great expectation and fascination on 8 to 9 year year old students, teachers and even Javier Franco, the director of Cobeña´s Music School (30 minutes away Madrid) and member of Folk Madrid Norte.

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27 enero, 2017 - No Comments!

Coffee sessions for branding

The phone rang. I could hardly recognize the voice, someone said ¨Hey mijo, when do you come back from England?” -  I replied, "but I'm already in Madrid!!!" … - ¨so when do you come to my office and I´ll invite you to a good cup of Colombian coffee?". It was Carlos Sánchez, talented publicist and designer, current director of the agency Mi Amigo Kruger.

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