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Synergy between Fundación Proyecto de Vida & Wondrew Music

On past days, April 26th, we had the opportunity to develop two creativity workshops with approximately 50 teenagers who regularly attend to Fundación Proyecto de Vida (FPDV), one of their three headquarters, this one located in Ciudad Bolívar, south of Bogota, Colombia.

Mauricio García, the director, and the FPDV collaborators were not only welcoming but deeply committed to their cause: break the circle of poverty through artistic activities that foster values and human integrity.

During the two activities, morning and afternoon, we had the option to work with two age groups, 10 to 13 years old and 14 to 18 years old young adults.

We found an interesting synergy between the program offered by the Foundation and our mission to raise social consciousness and promote values through music and arts. We developed an experience in which the youths were able to create their own projects in a collective and participative way, following their own decisions and interests. They created choreographies, theater scenes, songs and collages following a music stimulus we started the workshop with.

It has been a great honour for us to follow this process in high vulnerable environments of Colombia where the development of empathy, trust, active listening and emotional intelligence are so necessary for the construction of a cooperative and sustainable society.

We were delighted by the enthusiasm showed by the youths during the activities and the given interviews. Once they completed their creations, those results were exposed and shown to the rest of the students, then the participants spoke about their process, their difficulties and their evolution during the collaborative work.

We want to thank to Hernán Londoño, composer and music educator who highly contributed to strengthen the experience.

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Each workshop is relevant to our research. We will continue nourishing values through music and creativity! Soon more news!

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