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Alkene - Verbofobia

Music Producer


Client: Alkene
Responsible: Elvio Carini

¨I had the pleasure to work with Andres while recording part of our band's last album ‘Etere’ at the music studios at Leed Beckett University: more specifically, Andres especially helped me recording all vocal tracks of our second single ‘Verbofobia’. The song features a falsetto-vocal performance that I knew would have been very difficult to record properly, from a technical point of view but as well from an expressive point of view as the atmosphere of the song is very intimate and delicate.

Andres created the perfect environment in the studio and put me at ease enabling me to focus on the vocal performance. His proactive attitude was an important aspect in the session as well, as it allowed us to experiment a lot and try different approaches, which I think is a very important part of every creative process. 

His most important skill however is his ability to relate to the original atmosphere and meaning of the song while putting his knowledge and experience in the artistic process. 

In the end it was a very positive experience and we are very satisfied with the final result, which would have been definitely a lot more difficult to achieve without him¨. 

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