Idealista #yo lo veo - AD

Idealista #yo lo veo - AD

Sound Design
Music Producction


Client: Entren New Media
Project: Idealista #yo lo veo
Director: Nadia Mata Portillo

Ad rule number one. ¨It needs to be done for tonight¨. 

Thankfully, this project was very different! I had three days to record the narrator, develop the sound effects, create the music and do the final mix.

As this ad is based on storytelling with a romantic comedy twist, I started working on a piano sequence, but found it didn’t quite work. Once we received the final cut of the video I saw all the Idealista App effects on screen, Nadia and I had a much better idea of where to go with the music. We agreed to give more relevance to the sound effects than to the music. It is quite dynamic, still light-hearted while keeping the attention on the story and the key point, which is the App.