Storyboard Art - Animation

Storyboard Art

Music Composer
Sound Designer

Client: Storyboard Art  
Project: Logo Bumper Animation
Director: Sergio Paez

The shorter the piece, the more complex to develop. Why? Because you only have 10 seconds to narrate an intro, a conflict and an ending. In a 30 seconds ad or a 2 minutes short film you have more time to develop a soundscape.

I was approached by Sergio to compose the music for the Storyboard Art logo bumper. My first approach was to create the energetic funk drum track he wanted. Then I created the sound design following each of movements and drawings the logo developed. The horse, the boxes, the arrows and the final words. As the brand represents a storyboard school, I decided to use pencil drawing and drag sounds to create the piece; then I added some scratch sounds to integrate the sound design into the funk beat in an organic way. 

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¨I want to let you guys know about Andres Valencia (Wondrew), a super talented music composer and sound designer I had the pleasure to work with from my time in Europe. He is making his way to the US and California and he is a welcome addition to the film and music scene here. Wondrew is currently scoring my latest independent film project and the stuff I've seen so far has blown me away. If anyone has a need, I highly recommend you contact Andres to find out what he's capable of.¨

Sergio Paez
Animation Director